Payment methods / Terms of payment

The following methods of payment are accepted by :


  1. Credit or Debit Cards

You can pay by Master Card, Visa and Visa Electron cards.


  1. Bank Transfer or E-Banking

You can make your transactions easily, quickly and securely, through wire transfers or electronic payments via E-Banking to the following banks.

Piraeus Bank, National Bank of Greece

  1. Select the bank deposit method in the desired account to execute your order.
  2. Deposit the money into one of the below mentioned accounts, indicating your order number and your full name.
  3. Send us the deposit slip to e-mail: or by fax to +30-2109600088 or call us on tel +30-2109621194 to tell us your name, your order number and the bank you have selected to confirm your transaction so that we can proceed with your order.


BANK: Piraeus Bank

No. of Account: 5176092003531

IBAN: GR89 0172 1760 0051 7609 2003 531


Description/Reason: (order number given by us)

BANK: National Bank of Greece

No. of Account: 178/003936-58

IBAN: GR13 0110 1780 0000 1780 0393 658


Description/Reason: (order number given by us)


  1. Cash on delivery

When this method is available, you may choose to pay the price of your order, when the product is delivered to your chosen location.

The cost of service ‘’cash on delivery” is calculated upon checkout. (Caution!!! It is a payment method and is not related to delivery fees which may apply).


  1. PayPal

Pay online, instantly, through the online page



  1. Our company has entered into agreements with the largest banking organizations in Greece, such as Piraeus Bank for the use of their systems, thus maintaining the highest possible level of security. Their Security systems have been approved by international organizations / companies such as Verisign, Microsoft, Visa International & MasterCard Europay.
  2. All transactions on this site are in Euros.
  3. Our company reserves the right to delay any order for security controls or even cancel it.
  4. The extra costs arise from charges of the business that undertakes the transaction and is not ours. These costs are covered by the customer.
  5. If you wish to change the way your order is paid, you will need to notify the order department (tel: +30-2109621194) directly and your order may be delayed due to the procedure followed for changing the order’s payment method.
  6. In case of a bank deposit payment option, the products are reserved for only 5 days after the order entry. After 5 days, a product may not be available any longer.