About us

Founded in 2011

HTSS was founded in 2011 by scientists and executives with many years of experience in the fields of hi-tech equipment such as computers, medical analysers, radiotherapy systems, industrial and laboratory systems, etc.


The main areas of operations are laboratory equipment and production control in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food and beverage industries.

Our great experience in supporting our customers is our strength that leads us to the future.


HTSS represents and cooperates with some of the most important international companies and keeps on enriching its range of products so that it can offer its customers the best solutions provided by modern technology.

  • Lighthouse – Non-destructive, In-line and Bench top control for Head Space Oxygen, Head Space Pressure, Head Space and Head Space CO2.
  • PTI USA – Non-destructive testing Package Integrity Testing and Close Container Integrity Test, (CCIT), for the Pharmaceutical Industry Food Industry and Packaging Container Manufacturing
  • BEE International – a leader in the field of High Pressure Homogenizers, (HPH), for laboratory or industrial use.
  • Cole-Parmer – The largest list of laboratory, industrial equipment and consumables.
  • Masterflex – Peristaltic pumps and tubes of all types and for every use.
  • ATAGO – Portable, Benchtop and Inline Refractometers / Brix Meters.
  • Mettler Toledo – Top company manufacturing high quality and product functionality.
  • Ohaus – precision scales, industrial and for every use, of high quality and technology, as well as centrifuges and laboratory equipment
  • SNOL – Laboratory and industrial ovens of all kinds and dimensions at very good prices and quality from a European company with more than 50 years experience
  • IKA – Laboratory equipment in very good, German quality
  • ALPINA – European manufacturer of Laminar Flow Cabinets and filters.
    Kartell Labware – List of laboratory consumables, plastics, glassware,
  • LABBOX – List of laboratory equipment, consumables, plastics, glassware,
  • AQUALAB – AQUALAB, is one of the best international companies in the field of Water Activity and Moisture Analysis, with many facilities in Greece.
  • TandD – Wireless temperature, humidity and many other parameters, e-mail, SMS and alarm control.
  • HUNTERLAB – The No. 1 Colorimeters in the World. Measuring accurately and as seen by the human eye, the color of products of every kind, such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, chemicals, etc.

We also work with many other companies and provide you with a wide range of equipment, consumables and chemicals.

HTSS operates both in Greece and abroad and offers not only solutions but also support, something that is both its strength and its goal.

Thank you for your support,
The HTSS team