VACSTAR control

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The VACSTAR dry 4-chamber membrane vacuum pump is powerful, resistant to chemicals and low-maintenance. VACSTAR control is the ideal system with its integrated vacuum controller and removable display.

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VACSTAR control

Separation, filtration, removal: The VACSTAR dry 4-chamber membrane vacuum pump is powerful, resistant to chemicals and low-maintenance. VACSTAR control is the ideal system with its integrated vacuum controller and removable display. The controller offers a suitable mode for the desired process: from automatic to manual operation, right through to pumping or an evacuation and cleaning function.

High-performance suction
VACSTAR has an excellent suction performance, with its 22 l/min at a minimum of 2 mbar.

Integrated vacuum controller with removable controller (WiCo)
Depending on the application, you can easily select your operating mode either by using the intuitive operator menu or by remote control.

For additional safety for users and environment, we recommend using the VSE 1 vacuum safety emission condenser, which prevents solvents from being released into the room air. The VSE 1 is available as accessory.



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Technical Data

Pump rate max. (50/60Hz)1.32 m³/h
Pump rate max. (50/60Hz)22 l/min
Final pressure without gas ballast2 mbar
Suction levels4
Connection diameter suction side8 mm
Connection diameter pressure side8 mm
Input pressure2 – 1030 mbar
Boiling point detectionyes
Solvent libraryyes
Analog speed vacuum controlyes
Speed controlTurning knob
Speed range285 – 1200 rpm
Pressure unit / scalembar, hPa, mmHg, Torr
Vacuum sensoryes
Vacuum sensor typeceramic Al2O3
Pressure max. for pressure sensor1.2 bar
Measurement range (absolute)1 – 1030 mbar
Control range1 – 1030 mbar
Resolution pressure1 mbar
Measurement uncertainty1 mbar
Venting valveyes
Condensate trapyes
Emission condenseryes
Noise at low. pressure54 dB(A)
Material in contact with mediumAl2O3, PTFE, FPM, PPS
Housing materialalu-cast coating / thermoplastic polymer
Mode automaticyes
Mode manualyes
Mode pump %yes
Mode programyes
Dimensions (W x H x D)270 x 435 x 500 mm
Weight14 kg
Permissible ambient temperature5 – 40 °C
Permissible ambient conditions80% (up to 31°C), decreasing linearly to max. 50 (@40°C)
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529IP 20
RS 232 interfaceyes
USB interfaceyes
Voltage100 – 240 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power input140 W
Power input standby1.5 W

Data Sheet : DataSheet_VACSTAR_control.pdf