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Stainless Steel Containers

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Stainless Steel Containers

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Stainless Steel Containers


stainless steel containers

Stainless Steel Containers with Lids

Our Stainless Steel Containers are available in 304 grade stainless steel, have an optional lid with a centre fixed knob. They have crevice and pit free interiors and are bright polished throughout.

Part noCapacityDiameter (mm)Depth (mm)Lid Part NoLid weight (gm)
COC4060P150 ml6060COL4060P30
COC4084P250 ml8550COL4085P60
COC4085P400 ml8585COL4085P60
COC4099P300 ml10050COL4099P75
COC4100P700 ml100100COL4100P75
COC4101P1000 ml100150COL4100P75
COC4120P1200 ml120120COL4120P90
COC4150P2500 ml150150COL4150P150
COC4200P6000 ml200200COL4200P250


Pharma Hygiene Products

Drawing on experience gained as mechanical engineers, installing and maintaining pharmaceutical machinery around the world, Pharma Hygiene Products specialise in the supply of high quality process equipment to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Through our extensive network of manufacturers we provide a constantly expanding range of cleanroom and laboratory products that meet the rigorous standards of the industry.

Product Development

Our aim is to meet your needs accurately and consistently - either by drawing on our range of stock products (including optional modifications) or by engineering components to your specification. We are constantly developing our product range if you have any suggestions we’d be glad to hear them.

Quality Guarantee

Our customers operate to exacting standards and our products must perform to the highest levels of hygiene and reliability - whatever the production environment. So, of course, all our products are manufactured from FDA approved materials, are fully certified where required and GMP compliant, meeting all safety regulations.

The Environment

At PHP we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We strive to ensure that every aspect of our supply chain meets the exacting standards of our environmental policy. For instance all our packing and boxes are produced from re-cycled products where possible. And our marketing collateral is produced using material from managed forests.
Pharma Hygiene Products