Masterflex I/P High-Performance Pump Head, Polyester/SS Housing with SS Rotor

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Item # EW-77600-62

Highest flow rates, best pressure and suction performance of any I/P pump head
  • Polyester and stainless steel (SS) construction withstands tough process environments
  • Versatile mounting configurations—mount with tubing exiting to the top or side for flexible setup
  • C-shaped design allows tubing to enter and exit the same side of the pump head—facilitates connection to tubing inlet and outlet
  • Adjustable tubing retention; adjust to prevent tubing movement in head
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Two year warrantyMasterflex I/P High-Performance Pump Head, Polyester/SS Housing with SS Rotor

Masterflex I/P High-Performance Pump Head includes:

mounting hardware, a 20″ (51 cm) length of silicone pump tubing, and replaceable tang boot for quiet operation and long service life

More About this Item

Ideal for industrial process and production applications requiring a single pump head, this heavy-duty three-roller pump head produces flow rates up to 19 LPM—the highest of any I/P pump head. Simple to load, it accepts Masterflex I/P high-performance precision pump tubing for greater pressure generation and suction lift, enhanced ability to pump viscous fluids, and longer tubing life. Adjustable tubing retention holds tubing securely in place and prevents movement while in the head.
The I/P High-Performance pump heads are compatible with I/P drives that accept two or more pump heads. Drives that accept two heads have enough torque to run pump head even under difficult conditions such as high back pressure.
Note: High-Performance pump head is not stackable.



Masterflex® tubing pump systems are made to exact specifications using a proven process developed over more than 50 years. This is key to Cole-Parmer's promise to deliver solutions you trust.

Customer Input

Before we create any Masterflex® tubing pump, we define the unique needs of our customers through product performance surveys, as well as input from use in actual applications. We then develop new products and features based on reliability, ease of use, and product function.


During the concept stage, we consider all the factors vital in creating durable products that provide our customers with the best results possible. This is where we put our nearly 50 years of experience in developing more than 5,000 products to work. It's where we consider all the possibilities, including specific applications, product adaptability, and costs, as well as our requirements for safety, environmental needs, service, reliability, and noise specifications.


Once a product is conceptualized, proven procedures are defined and maintained to control and verify its design to ensure that specified requirements are met. Controls are put in place to ensure that the product is producible and results verifiable. The product is then designed using the latest technology, and its operation is verified through testing.


The results of our information gathering, product-concept development, and the application of our engineering expertise is the prototype Masterflex pump system. Once developed, thorough testing and refining of this working model ensure that the product will produce the result that we—and our customers— can rely on.


On-time delivery of durable, trouble-free products with superior service are rights our customers deserve. Therefore, before any Masterflex pump hits the market it undergoes countless hours of testing to ensure that it performs to our high standards. Each product is scrutinized under actual application conditions to ensure that it meets specific requirements.


Our products are made in a facility certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Masterflex pumps meet U.S. and international standards, and we warrant the accuracy and integrity of every pump we sell.


An international company, Cole-Parmer distributes fluid handling products all over the world. Our distribution center uses the latest tracking systems to process thousands of products, so you can be assured of timely delivery— whether you order one pump or a hundred—across the street or around the world.

Customer/Application Services

Our partnership with you doesn't end with the sale. We are available for follow-up, technical support, and service to ensure you are completely happy with your product. If you are not satisified, we'll fix the problem or replace the product. Also, our maintenance staff is available to quickly handle repairs and can help you identify replacement parts. Finally, our expert Application Specialists can help you with product selection and maintenance, and offer you continuous support. Whether you are setting up a complicated system or just have a quick question, their advice is absolutely free. Delivering Complete Solutions... From Engineering to Manufacturing, Distribution to Applications Assistance.

Additional information

Dimensions17.6 × 16.8 × 17.5 cm
  • Pump SeriesI/P
  • Number of Channels1
  • Max Flow Rate (GPM)5
  • Min Flow Rate (GPM)0.002
  • Max Flow Rate (LPM)19
  • Min Flow Rate (LPM)0.01
  • Housing MaterialPolyphenylene Sulfide, Polyester, and Stainless Steel
  • Tubing RetentionManual
  • OcclusionFixed
  • Optimum RPM Range (rpm)0.1 to 650
  • RollersThree; stainless steel
  • Rotor MaterialStainless Steel
  • Suction Lift (ft)29
  • Suction Lift (m)8.8
  • Gear Ratio1:1
  • Tubing sizes acceptedI/P® 70, I/P 88, I/P 89
  • Volume Per Revolution With I/P 70 Tubing (mL)12.3
  • Volume Per Revolution With I/P 88 Tubing (mL)26.2
  • Volume Per Revolution With I/P 89 Tubing (mL)29.2
  • Length (in)6.9375
  • Width (in)6.625
  • Height (in)6.875
  • Length (mm)176
  • Width (mm)168
  • Height (mm)175
  • Open-Head SensorNo
  • DescriptionI/P High-Performance Pump Head, Polyester/SS Housing with SS Rotor.