Low form Beaker BKL3-050-012

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Beaker, low form, Graduated and with spout. Made of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3. According to DIN 12331, ISO 3819

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50 ml
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Low form Beaker BKL3-050-012


Product: Beaker, low form

Description: Graduated and with spout. Made of borosilicate glass LBG 3.3. According to DIN 12331, ISO 3819

PACKING Type: Carboard box.


LBG 3.3 is a borosilicate glass with a minimum content in silica of 80% and a low expansion coefficient (3.3•10-6 K-1) included in the 3.3 borosilicate group, as defined in ISO 3585 standard.

It is used in products where chemical and mechanical resistance is to be combined with resistance to sudden temperature changes.

This particular combination of properties makes this type of glass the most used in labware.

Physical and chemical properties

Linear expansion coefficient (@ 20/300 ºC): 3.3•10-6 K-1

Strain point: 520 ºC

Annealing point: 560 ± 10 ºC

Softening point: 820 ± 10 ºC

Density: 2.23 ± 0.02 g/cm3

Hydrolytic resistance (according to ISO 719, water at 98 ºC): Class 1

Hydrolytic resistance (according to ISO 720, water at 121 ºC): Class 1

Resistance to acids (according to ISO 1776, DIN 12116): Class 1

Resistance to alkalis (according to ISO 695): Class 2

Typical composition

80.4% in weight SiO2

13.0% in weight B2O3

4.2% in weight Na2O

2.4% in weight Al2O3



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Weight.100 kg
Ø outer (mm)h (mm)pcs per box
50 ml