Biological Safety Cabinet class 2 – BIO100

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Biological Safety Cabinet class II width 1000 mm with adjusted air flow (BIO100 – A2).

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Specification of the biological safety cabinet class 2 – BIO100

  • vertical laminar air flow
  • II safety class
  • 2 HEPA filters with efficiency of 99.995% for MPPS
  • microprocessor control system with touchscreen in Polish/English or any other language
  • automatic filter compensation ensures constant and safe speed of air flow in the cabinet
  • hour timer of the cabinet and UV lamp operation
  • adjusted air flow
  • clear and easy-to-use control panel – optical and acoustic signals
  • silent-running fans,
  • front window made of tempered double glass without frame, inclined at an angle of 8°, electrically raised and lowered, with a possibility to shut it completely – closing the workspace
  • split worktop, made of stainless steel
  • internal workspace made of stainless steel
  • permanently fixed UV lamp in the upper part of the workspace, protected from accidental switching on during operation
  • white fluorescent lightning
  • workspace sides with window openings
  • removable armrest
  • frame with lockable castors
  • power supply 230V/60 Hz
  • digital time counter of cabinet and inner oversee system of errors.

Standard equipment of the biological safety cabinet class 2

  • additional lamp above the workspace
  • UV germicidal lamp
  • 2 power sockets inside the workspace
  • basis under the laminar-flow cabinet



Alpina - the biggest Polish manufacturer of laminar flow cabinets and dedicated laminar flow chambers.

Additional information

Weight190 kg
Dimensions105 × 79 × 206.9 cm

Laminar flow cabinet BIO 100 A2 leaflet

Biological Safety Cabinet class 2 – BIO100Biological Safety Cabinet class 2 – BIO100

Product and manufacturer certificates:

  • TUV certificate for compilance with the standards: EN12469, EN61010-1:2010, EN61326-1:2013 – details
  • ISO 9001
  • CE declaration

Final test in our laboratory:

The following parameters are checked during the test:

  • air flow velocity
  • HPEA filter integrity
  • filtration efficiency
  • leak tightness of filter foundations
  • deviation of stream of laminar air

Protocol from tests is issued and enclosed for each cabinet

Warranty for the laminar airflow unit:
  • 36-month warranty.