Safe Vaccine Temperature Storage

Get On Track To Safe Vaccine Temperature Storage

Are you doing enough to ensure your vaccines are safely stored? Vaccine temperature storage is vital to maintaining the accuracy and efficacy of the vaccines administered today. No matter what type of facility, vaccine storage requires reliable monitoring to verify the correct temperature and environmental conditions. Vaccines can be ruined due to careless handling, and without proper monitoring could be administered ineffective.

Here are a few tips to get on the right track to ensure you are storing your vaccines correctly and meeting the Center for Disease and Control’s (CDC) requirements:

Vaccine temperature storage information from the CDC

The CDC has a wealth of information available to help you meet their Vaccine Storage and Handling requirements. One item you may find helpful is their Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit. The toolkit offers best practices on the following:

  • Emergency vaccine storage, handling, and transport preparations
  • Vaccine inventory management, transport, and preparation
  • Vaccine storage and handling standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Vaccine storage and temperature monitoring equipment

A checklist from the IAC

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) has developed a convenient checklist. They recommend you review this list to see where you might make improvements in your vaccine management practices. The IAC also states on its checklist that the technical information has been reviewed by the CDC.

Temperature-monitoring equipment

When you need vaccine storage data loggers DDLs to meet CDC recommendations, we offer multiple solutions for temperature measurement and monitoring to meet your needs including DDLs with NIST-traceable calibration—accredited calibration you can trust. We also provide DDLs equipped with TraceableLIVE® cloud-based connectivity, so you can monitor your temperature from anywhere.

Source: Cole Parmer

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